Simple Steps for Clearing the Clutter in Your Home

Simple Steps for Clearing the Clutter in Your Home

You shouldn't wait until spring to get a jump on your home improvement checklist. Cleaning can be quite a chore, but all home improvement projects are much easier once you have an organized living space that's free of clutter. Here's how you can ruthlessly declutter your home and enjoy the serenity that comes with an area devoid of distractions.
When you're scouting your home for items that you can do without, you'll find possessions that make you hesitate. It may be a piece of clothing that you love but hardly wear or a gift from a loved one that wasn't your preferred present. As you pick up these items, keep these three steps in mind:
  1. Acknowledgment: Take a moment to see the article for what it is and what it's worth, including its actual and personal value. Consider what purpose it serves, how much you use it, and if it gives you positive or negative feelings.

  2. Rationalization: Based on those thoughts, now it's time to rationalize whether you should keep it or get rid of it. If you've got a closet full of everyday clothing that you haven't worn because you don't like how it fits or looks, remove them from your home. This step also applies to décor, appliances, toys, books, and any other possessions. You need to rationally assess each item and honestly answer the question of whether or not you truly need/want it.

  3. Acceptance: Once you've decided that an item is no longer useful or valuable, you must accept that you're getting rid of it and move on. Hesitating on the decision or feeling apprehensive about discarding these items will not help. Anything you're not sure of from the onset will likely continue to be clutter if you keep it in your home.
Here are five additional home improvement tips you can use to create a clutter-free home:
  1. Remove Trash Immediately

    No home should have garbage located anywhere other than the trash can. Discard all empty boxes, packaging, papers, and other debris as fast as possible.

  2. Stick to One Room at a Time

    Decluttering your space may take more than an afternoon. Before you feel overwhelmed, choose a single room, and focus on it until it's entirely decluttered.

  3. Declutter Section By Section

    When you've chosen a room, start on one side and gradually move to the other. For instance, begin in your bedroom with your nightstand, then the dresser, then your partner's nightstand, and finally the closet.

  4. Separate Into Trash/Donate/Sell Piles

    One of the toughest aspects of decluttering is knowing how to get these items out of your home physically. As you declutter, create three distinct piles for garbage, donations, and things you wish to sell. Dispose of the trash pile as soon as possible and load up your donation pile so you can drop it off the next time you leave the house. Determine if you can sell your items online or in a store, and make a plan to begin this process during your next day off of work.

  5. Create Clutter-Free Habits

    The key to decluttering is managing your clutter responsibly for the long term. Create cleaning or decluttering habits that your family can easily follow. For instance, never go to bed until items on the kitchen table and living room furniture are put away. You can also make a rule that any time you purchase something significant in a store, you must remove one unused item of the same category.
Commit to a clutter-free home, and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to keep your living spaces clean and organized!

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